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Another Rehabilitation Success at Barnesville Nursing Home

October 5, 2020
Barnesville, Ohio - Emerald Pointe was honored to help Lana get her therapy and back to her home to enjoy doing the things she loves. We are so pleased with her progress! Lana left us this precious testimonial about her time here. I love that she was able to be home in much less time than she had anticipated, our therapy is incredible, but then, so are our nurses, aides, housekeepers, laundry staff and kitchen crew!

When I broke my hip, I thought I was looking at months of recovery. I knew a stay in a nursing home was inevitable. I am so thankful that I ended up here. I so appreciated the green carnation and welcoming card. Within minutes caring staff introduced themselves.

Over the next 2 two weeks, I received the best care possible from ALL the staff. The staff are ALL patient and caring. PT and OT are phenomenal! They're patient and supportive every session.

Emerald Pointe gets my recommendation! Thank all of you for helping with my recovery.

Lana O.

It doesn't get much better than that! What a great lady and wonderful patient. We will miss her but definitely wish her the very best!

If you or a loved one find yourselves in a situation as Lana did, please allow Emerald Pointe to show you how special a stay in rehab can be. Please call Lori Rossiter with any questions that you may have concerning admission to Emerald Pointe, whether long or short term stay. All rooms are private with in-room full bathrooms.

Take care Lana!

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