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National Cheese Day at Barnesville Nursing Home 

January 20, 2020
Today we had a fun time at our National cheese day celebration! National cheese day is 1-20. So as the rest of the nation enjoyed cheese, so did we! To top it off, we had bingo to go with it. If you look really close at these pictures you can see who said cheese as their picture was snapped. We adore our residents!

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News & Events

Keeping Our Community Clean!
Emerald Pointe is proud to partner with our Barnesville community!

Residents Rave About Barnesville Nursing Home
We love caring for our residents at Emerald Pointe!

Celebrating Resident Birthdays at Barnesville Nursing Home
We love celebrating our residents at Emerald Pointe!

New Therapy Manager Welcomed at Barnesville Nursing Home
Join us in welcoming Larissa to Emerald Pointe!

Barnesville Therapy Team Receives Praise at Emerald Pointe
We are so thankful for our nursing home team!

Barnesville Nursing Home Begin New Activities
It was fun to play some games together at Emerald Pointe!

Outdoor Visitation Update at Emerald Pointe Health and Rehabilitation
We are excited to welcome you starting July 20 - please read our guidelines.

Emerald Pointe Heroes: Vanessa
She is celebrating 40 years in nursing care!

Barnesville Nursing Home Helps Return to Active Lifestyle
Thank you, Darlene, for choosing Emerald Pointe Health and Rehabilitation to get you on your feet again!

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