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Special Friday Morning Breakfast at Emerald Pointe

November 22, 2019
On Friday mornings, Emerald Pointe does a wonderful thing for all residents who want to come down for a freshly prepared breakfast.

Residents order their breakfast and we cook to order, hot off the griddle pancakes, french toast, and eggs. Waffles hot out of the waffle iron, toast, English muffins, sausage, bacon and egg sandwiches with cheese and choice of bacon or sausage...or both. . Residents are able to top their pancakes, waffles and french toast with syrup and butter or strawberries and whipped cream (this seems to be the preferred way). We prepare their breakfast as ordered and deliver it to their table piping hot.

It's just another way that Emerald Pointe likes to make our residents feel as special as we know that they are!

If a freshly cooked breakfast sounds like it would hit the spot as you or a loved one recuperate from an illness or injury, call Lori Rossiter at 740-425-5400. She will be glad to take you on a free tour of our facility and answer any questions you may have about our services. Have Lori show you why our residents are the Pointe of it all!

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